Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update 04-23-11, Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. 
We didn't do much Friday and Saturday. At least not much out of the normal I guess :)

Friday DH helped me unload like 20 boxes into my mom's house to pack her stuff. We had gone to two Craigslist ads for free boxes the night before. We scored big at a military house. Very nice boxes and already broken down, plus two bags of packing paper. Yes, we are now those people. Officially box-hoarding we-will-stop-by-the-side-of-the-road-to-pick-up-your-boxes people. Next I assume we'll be dumpster diving. Lol.

Why is my mom moving? Cause her house is on its way! And she got called out to work in Dallas for 3-6 months, so it will be done when she returns. Tonight hubby and I will pack up her small apartment and a friend will move it all to storage.

Friday night we had church and the choir sang. I am going to miss being in the choir I think.

Saturday morning we went yard sailing. We also met up with a guy who my mom bought a pet stroller from to pay and pick it up for her. To be honest, I think it's ridiculous!
There's a reason this dog looks humiliated
We didn't buy much. But we did buy THREE bicycles. Since buying mine last week and then selling my old one fairly quickly via Cragislist, we decided we might try our hand at bike "flipping" too.
We sold one of them to my mom right away. She has been wanting a cruiser style one. I even scrubbed and cleaned it for her. Now John has to replace the front tire tube. And then it's set. (Just to let ya know mom) :). 

The fun about toting three bikes on a rack behind your SUV, is that if not installed properly the rack will start to fall off your SUV, twice, and you will have to pull over and remove all the bikes and reapply it. And put a new scratch on your vehicle. But then you will realize that the top straps were not angled out wide enough and you should tie them off so they can't lengthen while you fly down the road. You will also be hot and sweaty because the A/C in your car is not blowing icy air, but rather mildly cool air, which cannot compete with 80 degree temps at 100% humidity.

But enough about that. We did get a very nice baby video monitor for $5! We love it when dad is in charge of selling the baby stuff ;) Our last one which was not quite as nice sold for around $100!

Saturday for lunch we drove 45 min to a nearby town we had a Groupon to, only to learn they are not open for lunch on Saturdays. Big bummer. We ate a local BBQ joint close to home instead. It was pretty good. Then we took a nap and did chores. I aired six bike tires, took photos and did a bunch of other cleaning stuff. I gave John his Easter basket Saturday night since I knew Sunday morning would be busy. But he did not give me mine... I found out why the next morning.
hubby's basket. that's beef jerky in the very back : )

Sunday was Easter! He is risen, He is risen indeed! I was up early since I had to be at church at 8am. While in the bathroom I discovered 2 plastic eggs filled with love notes and candy. I found about half of them before we left the house and the other half after we got home. And there is still one I've yet to find, bringing the total to 27. 

What a sweet hubby I have

Church was nice, and I enjoyed singing in the choir. I told a few more people it was our last Sunday, but there are some I've still yet to tell. But I am excited to get to be with my hubby during Sunday services now :)
For lunch we went to a local family-owned Southern soul-food place. Even though we had reservations we had to wait 30 minutes. But Maw Maw said the food was worth it. We were supposed to have family homemade lunch at Maw Maw's, but since mom got called away to work she treated us all to lunch out (since she wouldn't be there to bring her dishes to family lunch).
It was very yummy and I just had my leftovers for lunch.

When we got home John consented to a short photo shoot :)

I should have gotten close-ups of the accessories : (

Sunday afternoon and evening we napped, then visited my grandma for some leftovers for dinner :)

Next weekend we plan to take off from work and church and just enjoy some "us" time. We do have two events, a graduation and a game night with friends. But we plan to sleep in both days!

Oh, and Ernie says Happy belated Easter :)

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