Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SWW 04-27-11

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So what if I...

  • Got internet on my phone just a few hours after complaining last Wednesday. Just magically appeared. I guess "they" finally got to my "ticket". And I now am so very happy with my choice of phone, provider and my new bill!!! Buh-bye high-priced contracted plans!
  • Want to get married again just for the dress, hair, makeup and party! I'm not sure I'll ever feel that glamorous again and I miss it!
  • Ate 27 small Reese's eggs over the course of two days. Can't resist em!
  • We may be adding yet ANOTHER dog to my immediate family. Two for us, two for mom, and now possibly one for grandma too! A three ring circus it will be I tell you!
  • It has taken us nearly 6-7 hours to pack my mom's 1 bedroom apartment for her. Half of that being wrapping all the breakables in the kitchen! I am reminded again how much I HATE moving! Gah- such a pain to box up all your stuff!
Happy Wednesday! Friday is close!


  1. I didn't see your email address to respond, but thank you for the comment! I am really beyond grateful to our Lord for all the blessings that He gives. Anytime I can share my testimony of those blessings, I take advantage :)

  2. getting married for the dress. makeup. and party sounds amazing! :) lets do it! :) to the same men of course! :)


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