Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SWW 04-20-11

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So what if I...

  • Still have no stinking internet on my phone. I have decided not to stress as their is apparently nothing more I can do but wait up to 11 days. That will be up to this Sunday. :( But I still love the new phone.
  • I am sitting in the lobby or day room of several places lately for hours working on my laptop and I know the staff are wondering what the heck I am doing. Welcome to the mobile office world.
  • Teared up while watching Animal Cops yesterday. You would too if you saw this poor dog. Animal Planet on the TV for 4 hours was also quite distracting :)
  • My husband invents words. Last night's was "jobal". As in, related to your work.
  • Had to walk through the grocery store last night saying "I will not buy a Reese's egg, I will not buy Dairy Fresh chocolate milk" repeat...
  • I now own a pair of Life Stride heels. They are actually quite cute and SO comfortable. No way I would ever be able to wear heels of any other kind to work all day, especially when I'm gonna be on my feet a lot. These were a yard sale find for 50 cents!
  • I am starting to think of my dogs more and more as kids. Such sweeties!
  • I bought a gift for my mom's new dog. It was on sale and so cute! Now her Graycie has a playmate, a mini dachshund puppy named George :)
Happy Wednesday! Friday is close!

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    1. haha, Sarah, I have had to walk through the grocery store a number of times saying out loud to myself that I will not buy a reese's egg, or whatever seasonal shape it is at the glad to know that I am not the only one working hard to resist that temptation! :)

      This is Jenn Dunning by the way...


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