Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Update 04-16-11

What a lover-ly weekend...

I'm starting with Thursday night this week, a "college" style weekend, if you will. (Since the weekend begins on Thursday night at most college campuses, especially my Alma Mater Florida State, woot woot!)

I start then because, we had a yummy dinner at The Melting Pot again. When I made our reservations for our anniversary I saw they were having a special promotion in April for a free cheese fondue for two in honor of National Fondue Week. So I booked us a table!
The free fondue was their house cheddar. It has a beer base and garlic. It was okay. Probably would not get again. Then we skipped meat and just had a dessert course after that. This time I remembered to take a pic before we demolished the plate totally. We had the chocolate s'more fondue. Yummy! They flambee it too! I tried to get a pic but it did not turn out right.
 This time we did not sit in the secluded "Lover's Lane" area. That was unfortunate because the table right across from us was an upper-middle-aged grandma, her younger sister and her daughter and son-in-law, who were also old enough to have grown children. Well, apparently grandma doesn't get out much or doesn't handle wine well or is a lush. Because she was being OBNOXIOUS. Our nearby Civic Center was having a Sugarland concert that night and the restaurant was packed. So there was definitely a continual din of conversation. But win-o across the way didn't know that in a classy restaurant you keep your voice to a polite level and behave like a lady. Instead, she was raising her hand in the air and snapping her fingers while shouting her waiter's name and for him to bring her chocolate. While her table-mates continually tried to sush her, she would just "Shhhhhhhh" back loudly like a third grader and then say "I'm not in a library" and then laugh as only the annoyingly intoxicated can do. By the time we left she was really getting out of hand. Anyway.
Overall we had a good experience, but definitely not as great as last time. Our former waiter had drunk-granny's table. We had a guy who was polite but who would go about 20 minutes between passes to our table. This was a problem because our bowl was not hot. I finally discovered on my own that our burner was not on after asking the hostess to look at it as she ran by. Then it was not turned warm enough, but I changed that myself. It was good, but I don't recommend going on a busy night. Maybe they were just short-staffed. 
The company was lovely though :)

Friday I worked my half day as usual, came home and did some chores, then took a nap. A glorious nap. That I would not have gotten up from except I had asked a friend to go to Zumba class with me.
I tried out one of the classes at one of our local community centers. I didn't want to go alone. Good thing my friend/bridesmaid Hayley came, because we were the only two who showed up! The instructor said she only has a few regulars and they all couldn't make it. That class gave us a run for our money! We were pantin', sweatin', runnin' and smellin'! But it was great! I so wish I could have a free pass to unlimited Zumba! I loved doing it regularly when I lived in Tallahassee. And I felt so energized and accomplished when we were done! I must get back into exercising. If I can only remind myself of that feeling when I don't wanna get my fat butt up!

Friday is also weigh-in day. I am down another 1.5 lbs, which is on track according to my doc. If it stays that way it'll be great. It's the dreaded plateau I am afraid of...

Saturday we... (you guessed it) went yard-saling. I had a great week! I got a dress ($3), 2 pairs of shoes (75 cent), a new bike (literally, not even used, $50), 3 shirts for the hubby ($5), a fabulous Guess purse ($5), the cutest outfits for the pups (that didn't fit, good thing they were only $2) and some Space Bags ($1) for organizing the winter clothes under my bed the dogs have been nesting in :).
I'm most excited about the bike. I am picking it up this evening since we were in the hubby's car and it would not fit Saturday. It's a hot pink mountain bike! The bike I have is decent, but sometimes the gears don't shift properly and the front right brake pad rubs a little. It makes it kinda hard to enjoy riding. For future reference, I do not recommend buying a used bike. Fixing even small problems can cost just as much as buying a cheap-o new one.
Hopefully with selling my old one on Craigslist I will only pay $10 or $20 out of pocket to switch to this new bike!

My dress- love because it's great for work. Just below the knee, has sleeves, nice cotton stretch jersey fabric. So many of my summer dresses are sun dresses and I have to wear a jacket or leggings to make them work-appropriate.
My lovely work bathroom. Crappy cell phone camera. Don't know why my hair looks so dark.
Saturday afternoon I went to the beach with my bestie Sarah. Grand time, except the gale-force winds that pelted us with sand like a blizzard and finally forced us away. We got some sun before mother nature blew us out. Then we got pedicures! Nice girl's day out.
In the evening the hubby and I watched The Sentinel through our ClearPlay.

Sunday was church and our "Easter" choir debut. I very much enjoyed singing for the congregation! Looking forward to doing it again Good Friday and Easter. We got several compliments so I think it went well even though some of our members are "vocally challenged", lol.

Sunday afternoon I did not want the evening to end and was not ready to face the work week. So I made hamburgers for lunch, took a walk with the hubby and ate dinner outside. And did lots of cuddling with these guys:

Makes me laugh
I also cut these off someone's bush on our walk. Flower thief strikes again! Now my living room smells of fragrant lugustrum! (Sp?)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

BTW- "Jorge" is a liar. My phone's internet is not working. After another call I was told it can take up to 11 days for them to complete their investigation! So not acceptable! Six phone calls later I am really tired of going through the automated system and have decided I will just wait. But I intend to get more than the $5 credit they gave me on my bill. What a joke.

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