Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SWW 04-06-11

So what if...
  • I think that this "knee-high socks with boots" style looks retarded. Especially the ones with lacy frilly tops. I just don't get it.
  • The sight of a freshly organized room makes me smile. And if I did it, makes me feel really satisfied. 
  • The sight of a room I've organized and cleaned being messed up by others makes me upset.
  • I have like 8 or 10 more CEU's to go before I can renew my license. And it's due this month.
  • I honestly doubt there's a decent work-from-home job that I'm fit for. Somehow they all seem like scams to me. Or they are all based on sales. I HATE sales. (Unless of course it's at a store!)
  • I love Easter time because that means Reese's eggs. IMO these are THE BEST combination of peanut butter and chocolate that Reese has. Better than the regular and big cups, mini's and pieces. The closest to this balance is the smaller individual cups that come in the 8 pack. Yes, I LOVE Reeses and have tried them all. The giant egg isn't bad either, but kind of a ridiculous size. The pumpkins and trees in the fall and winter are pretty good too. But the individual egg is the best. Wow I'm a fatty. Lol.
  • I have said 10 times that I'm gonna start looking at work-from-home RN jobs, but have yet to do it. Soon!
Quick update- band fill went very well. No complications. I can still eat reasonable amounts and am down 5.5 pounds. Next appt for another fill is May 12.

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