Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Update 04-30-11

Do you think my blog gets boring with the same old posts? Well then give me some ideas and some more time for blogging!!!! :)
  • Friday
Since it was the end of the month, I worked all day Friday and had a routine doctor's appointment. So it was not a fabulous day. Friday evening a friend and I went to Zumba, only to learn it has been canceled because the instructor was out of town :( So we walked on the pier a little (class is held in a community center on the water). Then when we came home DH went with me and the kiddos on a bike ride. Ernie ran beside the bike on a leash for the first time and did really well! Then we went to Walmart to grocery shop and watched part of a movie.

  • Saturday
We abandoned our plans to sleep in in favor of two neighborhood yard sales. I made out big at one of them. I just love it when you find someone who is getting rid of fashionable clothes in your size! I got 4 skirts, 3 tops and a scarf for $12. I am getting more fierce with the bargaining. Especially with clothes since I don't get a chance to try them on and don't know if they will fit or look good. The lady wanted $2 a piece for the skirts and when I told the hubby to please put them back and I would just take the shirts, she came down to $1.50.
Anyway, this is what I ended up with:
Skirt, $1.50, Gap
Practicing Shannon's photo tips, for fun. (Still on the skirt is from Friday)
Ahhhh! LOVE this scarf. For coming cold season yet far off. American Eagle
$1.50 each, both Gap
Tweed pencil skirt and khaki pants, still  Gap
White cardi, Mossimo, Blue pinstripe shirt, Gap
Then we did some house chores since company was coming Sunday. Went to a co-worker's graduation (WTG Gwen, Master of Social Work!) ate early lunch at The Drizzle BBQ (weird name, great sauce) watched the rest of our movie, cleaned and cooked for like 2 hours. I was dead on my feet in the kitchen til about midnight. DH was my wonderful assistant.

  • Sunday
We SLEPT! I think we finally got out of the bed about 10:30, after being awake for quite a bit.
We bummed around the house, cleaned more, took the dogs for another bike ride where I got stung by some awful bug on my knee and it burned like fire and I yelped and tried to keep control of my bike and it swelled up and is still itching today, took a shower, then had company.

It was so nice to have friends over. We had yummy food: homemade salsa and guacamole, chips, jambalaya, bread and orange pineapple cake (or pea pickin' cake as my family calls it). Then we played a round of Last Word and had lots of great conversation.

It was a good one!


  1. That scarf is adorable! I am always wanting to go to a yard sale after reading your blog! I'm going to go...really. How do you find ones that you are going to go to?

  2. My husband has an app on his phone called igaragesale that plots out all the yard sales from craigslist on a map. We review the ads to see what they are selling and what area of town it is. The richer the area the better. And multi family or neighborhood of good.

  3. And they are absolutely FABULOUS! for finding baby things dirt cheap!


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