Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion faux pas at the dog park

So, we did not do all that much this weekend. We did yard sale for the first time in awhile. That was fun. I got a purse for 50 cents and 5 DVDs to add to our collection for $10. But mostly we got things to sell.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to the dog beach downtown. We were having a nice time, enjoying the late afternoon sun, laughing at the antics of all the dogs, admiring the breeds, questioning lineages of strange looking pooches, making small talk with other owners and such.

Then, in walked a fashion disaster, her boyfriend, and 3 poochies. It was like a car accident. You shouldn't stop to watch but you can't help yourself. We heard a gentleman next to us comment "Are those water balloons?" John turned his head in propriety, but then we just both had to look and chuckle. The lady's outfit kept her from being a lust object even though she was showing all but her most initmate parts.

I kept telling John- "I have to get a picture of her. I just can't believe it. I'm gonna have to start a 'People of Dog' website for her." It was so horrific. So then I pretended to take pictures of John while trying to catch her in the background, sitting on a bench. Here's what I got:
John was to the left in the pic. But I cropped it down to this.
Oh my goodness. Pink hair, pink bandana. Piercings. Tattoos. Shell jewelry. Leopard print bra (you could see the whole bra in the back), too small tank top, short Hawaiian print skirt, silver strappy heeled sandals, and the finishing touch, using her boobs for an iPod holder. It. was. a. SIGHT!
This was her attire to a sand-pit dog beach!

She was friendly though. Very nice. Just tragically attired. She had three fluffy mixed breeds. One named "Mr. Wicked," two whose names I did not catch, but one who was obviously her "daughter".
Poor poochie
Anyway, it was a funny day. I just had to share.

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