Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So What Wednesday 03/02/11

So What if I...

Took 5 flowers off of people's bushes during one of our afternoon walks. The trees were covered in them and they were falling on the ground. They look nice in my vase now :) As it turns out, I am a none-to-subtle flora thief. Those stems were tough! Thankfully no one caught me. Except the hubby who is an accessory, since he pulled one himself :)

Smell like a tanning salon and orange-dreamsicle combined. At least I'm not so ghastly white! (Why does sunless tanner always make you smell so weird?) At the suggestion of Summer I am trying a new lotion that has a hint of tanner in it to keep "You summer look all year long." I'm also using Neutrogena Micro Mist aerosol self tanner. I had a wedding Saturday. Since it was warm enough for a sundress I had to tan up! Ocean Potion Everglow Lotion ($4 Wal-Mart) Neutrogena Micro-Mist I purchased mine in "Deep" ($9.95 Wal-Mart).

Highlighted my hair just to dry out the roots. People- my hair went crazy! 18 months ago it was damaged from coloring. So I slowed down the frequency. I have not colored it since just before Christmas, and now it's getting oily! I will wash it in the morning with "deep cleansing" shampoo, use no conditioner or products, blow dry with a round brush, and by evening my bangs and the roots around the edges are limp and oily. And this Southern humidity is no help! Not completely thrilled with the new color, but it's growing on me.

Ate my sandwich at my desk but then bought Baskin Robbins for "lunch". They have a great "Flavor of the Month" this month, Lucky Mint. It's so yummy, you should try it! And I had a BOGO coupon for it, so I got 2 scoops and ate it sitting on the concrete ledge right by the bay. It was sunny and breezy and wonderful.
My view for ice cream lunch yesterday
I'm happy yet sad that our first anniversary is just 4 days away. I'm happy the year has been so wonderful and gone so well. But I'm sad to leave that "newlywed" stage. We all know how I want to have our wedding again! :) It was bittersweet for me to take down the "Our First Year" Calender. It finished up at the end of February :(

So what are you saying "So What" to today?

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  1. Mmm ice cream for lunch! That's what I'm talkin bout!!!


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