Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SWW 03-30-11

So What if I...

  • Have a husband who watched a KitchenAid Mixer on QuiBid for at least 30 minutes. He was not bidding. He was just watching the bids drive up. He is eBay/auction/selling obsessed. Good thing since that's his new job soon :)

  • Want to trash my new cell phone. Texting on that thing is a nightmare.

  • Drool over iPhones, Droid X and Samsung Galaxy. I have large screen envy.

  • Wrote a seething customer review of my current phone on cnet. It wasn't the only one. Wish I would have seen those first!

  • Wore a dress today even though my legs are bit prickly. One of the joys of being blond is that you can hide it better :)

  • Ate fast food for lunch before going to my nutrition class :)

  • Put off buying groceries for 5 days just because I want to show a big surplus in our grocery budget this month.

  • Just got chastised by a coworker for being a bad doggy mommy because we don't have the kiddos on heartworm preventative. We only do flea meds. And at that only the OTC kind.
  • Was enrolled in the wrong nutrition class by the medical staff and no one knew it til I showed up for class. I was perturbed since I had to take off work for this. But- they made it right be releasing me from taking that class. Now I only have to take 2. And the are refunding me $100! I told them they can have an hour of time whenever for a $100 refund :)
My appointment for my first fill is Friday at noon. Say goodbye to eating and hello to a thinner me!

As always, this theme brought to you by Shannon

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