Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A very special weekend update, our 1 year!

In order to be fair, I'll put briefly what we did up through Sunday afternoon-

Friday- (after work) I cleaned and cooked dinner, took it up to the church, went to church, held cute little Gavin again and realized that it's hard to keep a chunky squirmy 7-month-old quiet during a sermon and then gave up and took him where he could crawl and coo.

Saturday- We had breakfast at church, then morning church, then lunch, then a nap, then showering, some cooking, and heading over to our good friend's house for a wing-fest. We had such a great time. We stayed there til after 1am talking about some really serious issues. It was heavy, but enlightening. Lol. We just have some things to pray about, but God is making His plan clearer.

Sunday- Got up and posted this wonderful post for my love that I'd typed up previously, dropped the pups off at grandma's, went to church in my new blue dress that was a hit with the hubby but forgot to take pics, took a nap, got up and got ready for dinner at The Melting Pot, which is where the real fun begins... Prepare for picture overload.

The hubby had these for me on our bed Sunday when we came home. So pretty! I love pink roses.
The card was from the kids. For the "birthday" of our anniversary. It said "thanks for making it to 1"

What I wore- I had another outfit in mind but the weather turned too cool. Poo-poo. And I can't believe I'm showing you these cause I look chuuuunky. But que sera...for now. 

Ok, so we thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant. Highly recommend it. In fact, we are going back in April. Check out their website, they are having a promotion for a free cheese fondue for 2 in honor of "National Fondue Month/Day". But you have to make a reservation.

Our booth was on "Lover's Lane". A remote, private little hallway with only 3 booths with extra-high sides and L-shaped seating so that you sit next to each other and still are face to face. And the lighting is VERY dim. It felt almost naughty. Lol. Our server was fantastic.
In our booth

With flash, but DH looks a little...tired?
It was our anniversary after all!
DH reading his mushy card. I got one too. It made me teary.
Hubby's gift. Monogrammed cuff links.
Then we chowed down...
The table is set for a wonderful evening
1st course- Spinach Artichoke Cheese fondue
1st course dippers- bread, apples, veggies and chips
Then a salad, then the main course. Yes, that's raw meat on the left. Beef, duck, steak and chicken. Veggies. And dipping sauces. Takes about 2 minutes to cook each piece of meat.
Final course, chocolate peanut butter "The Original" fondue. Pic taken after we decimated it.
Was so excited totally forgot to take a pic of the beautiful dessert dippers. Cake, cheesecake, brownies, bananas, Rice crispy treats and strawberries. So.very.yummy.
Then we drove on out the to the near-frigid beach and enjoyed our hotel room. 
View from our balcony at night
We goofed off and watched cable while our food settled enough to eat some year-old wedding cake.
John made use of our progressive rapid-fire self timer. In these pics I was a whale. So I cut me out.
A different face for each frame
He made all these faces in like 3 seconds
I <3 this man
More goofing
 Then finally, enough room for cake...
What it looked like a year ago
Bout to unwrap it (done earlier in the day at home)
3 layers of tin-foil and 4 layers of plastic wrap later...
Here it is! Black icing bleeds as you can see :)
It kinda fell apart. And we ate it off the lid to the ice bucket in our room since we forgot plates :) But it still tasted pretty decent.
Monday- I did not take any pictures. We slept late, checked out of our hotel room at like 11:10, took a walk on the beach, got a free Smoothie King smoothie, had the car washed and vacuumed to kill time, ate lunch at a Chinese/sushi/hibachi buffet, went to PT (I went with John), took a 3 mile walk and watched a movie at home. A really cute one I can safely recommend, called "You Again".

It was a wonderful time. Relaxing, low-key, and together. I love it when we spend whole days together without any responsibilities. Cannot believe another milestone has come and gone!

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