Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update 03-19-11

Lover-ly weekend!

Friday afternoon I had a "date" with my mom. I FINALLY got a chance to get some sun! The water was so gorgeous- a lovely turquoise and navy mix. I so wish I would've brought my camera! I got my first sunburn of this year! Not too bad though. I was also treated to lunch at Landshark Landing, a little cafe that's part of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Hotel. The view, the company and the atmosphere were excellent. The food- nasomuch. Several of our items were just plain cold. But taste was not bad. Not sure if we would go there again.

Friday night the hubby and I ate pizza and watched a movie from our collection. I can't even remember which one! Oh yes, SpiderMan 2!

Saturday came early after Friday ending a bit late. We went yard-saling again. I have been trying not to buy too many personal things these days. I got some still-in-package cucumber melon glycerin soap. Got John an Old Navy 1/2 zip sweatshirt for next year.
My favorite resale buy was a Singer 401A Sewing Machine. Bought for $10. Hope to resale for around $100 if eBay estimates prove true. We got that and yet ANOTHER wire dog crate at an estate sale. Thankfully we sold 2 other dog crates and a kids bike trailer this weekend.

Then we had a nice long nap. So good after such an early morning. What was left of Saturday was spent cleaning, washing the car and the front door area of my apartment and my dirty neighbor's, doing laundry, taking eBay pictures and reading. Saturday night hubs had the guys over for UFC. I went to Wendy's and ate and read. And then read some more at home.

Sunday morning was interesting and unexpected. More on that later.
Sunday afternoon was unexpected and VERY enjoyable!
Some friends of ours who just got married 3 weeks ago came over. We had something they needed to borrow. Then they treated us to steaks at Longhorn Steakhouse in Gulf Shores. The food was soooo tasty and the company was fabulous! John ordered a Parmesan-crusted chicken breast that was TO.DIE.FOR! So so yummy! Then we walked along the beach at sunset. So nice. Then we came back and played a board game and had brownies and milk. It's so refreshing to spend good time with friends. Especially "couple friends".

Do you remember my New Year's Resolution to read more? Well, I completed a self-improvement book last week-
Some of the scenarios in here I've thankfully not had to deal with. But it was good for reference.

Then Saturday before last I picked this up at a YSL for $1.

 I was vaguely familiar with the author's name and have read several books by the author who recommends the book on the cover. Let me tell you, it was a dollar well spent! The genre did not turn out to be exactly what I normally read for pleasure, but I enjoyed it immensely. It is a mystery/action/romance. Mostly I read Christian inspirational romance. This one did describe some pretty intense violence. I looked at the author's other works. Apparently he writes some horror and sci-fi  fantasy types also. Not really sure I'd enjoy those. But I may try another one of his mysteries.
I read this book in 8 days. That's pretty quick for me. I would have done it sooner given the time. It was definitely a good read.

But seeing his other works and reading this one made me wonder: Can you be a Christian author and write horror novels? What do you think? This book did not have any cursing or sexual immorality, but it did not really have a prevailing "faith" influence either. The recommending author definitely writes Christian-based novels. I have heard of Ted Dekker in Christian circles. But I wonder about the authenticity of his faith if he can write such gruesome things. On the other hand, I do enjoy series such as LOTR. What's your opinion?


  1. there's reading for self betterment and reading for leisure/entertainment/escape; and think that you are smart enough to read the 2nd type of book as just that --entertainment. as long the novels in question aren't promoting any behavior or thoughts that cause you inner conflict, i don't see why you can't read them for entertainment value. just bc they're not ADDING to your faith knowledge doesn't make them inherently sinful. books-no matter the topic or author- are always food for thought; or can serve as the topic of a dinner time (or car trip) debate when you're bored. sometimes the book that is most OPPOSITE Of your life/religious philosophies can provide the most grist for the conversational mill. i'd say a smart gilr like you can read for enjoyment sake and for intellect's sake --as an addendum to your religous studies and devotional reading. just my thoughts -hw

  2. ps i read constantly throughout the day -including this very fabulous blog --and a lot of what i read (on or nytimes etc) is not necessarily in line with my own philosophies but bc things in the world do exist outside of my particular views/opinions/philosophies, i enjoy finding out about them even though i have no intention of say, living off the grid in north dakota, or curing my own breas* cancer while stranded in alaska or doing field studies on the un-named amphibiens in peru etc etc. i've read all of those things and thousands more in the past few months--and not one time have they led me to copy their behavior or life choices. just provide food for thought --and conversation. hugs-hw . sorry your invitation to comment was irresistable to the reader in me : ) love you -hw

  3. I know this comment is a bit late, but what else would you expect from me. :) I do agree that we shouldn't shrink from encountering other philosophies/viewpoints but I do think we should be careful what we "ingest" as entertainment. I wouldn't be too quick to brush aside the discomfort that comes when you encounter something questionable. Just to clarify, I'm not saying you should or shouldn't read it, I just think it can be too easy to rationalize away the quieter promptings of the Holy Spirit.
    As far as the violence question...I don't know. It is something I've thought about before. We hope to go our whole lives without seeing someone be maimed or having to watch someone die but yet we will sit and watch it on a TV screen and call it entertainment. Wow! This can has a lot of worms in it. :)


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