Friday, March 4, 2011

Watchu Got in Dat Bag

Taking a cue from Shannon over at "Life after I Dew" (who apparently took her cue from others blogs too), I'm doing a "Purse Post". Spilling the beans on what type of woman my purse says I am.

This purse is a basic black Kathy van Zeeland. I was excited to find it at a yard sale for $10! And yes, that is a faux Coach scarf tied to it. Thought it was real at first, but upon closer inspection, doubtful. Good thing I only paid a quarter for it! So yes, I mixed brands. But I like the pop of color from the scarf.
It's a good basic black, but still fun :) One of my favorites.

The view from the top. I'm a pretty organized person. I like that the inside is not black. Makes it easier to find things for sure. The opening is a tad awkward due to it's small size.

The contents. Don't judge today's nutrition for lunch :) We are purposefully eating poor in order to be out of debt ASAP :) And I like Ramen. Weird, I know.
Keys, lunch, flat wallet that mom bought me, checkbook, my little black cosmetics pouch and what I always keep in it (VS lipstick pallet with brush, down to 3 colors from use, Covergirl pressed powder, Almay concealer stick, retractable blush brush, Wet N Wild blush, Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm, and random red lipstick I hardly ever wear), Trident gum in original and strawberry, 1 gum wrapper (unusual that there's any trash in there), 3 pens, notebook I never use, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and my other coin purse which I fill with the randoms of: mini nail file, clippers, tweezers (OCD brow tweezer here), 2 mini safety pins, 2 band-aids, mint and pill holder for Motrin (which I always carry because it's the only thing that fights off hubby's migraines).
I usually have sunglasses and my cell phone in there too. But it's overcast today so I left the sunnies in the car. And I was using my phone to snap the pics :)

After seeing this, what are 3 words you think describe me?

I think this would be a fun link party. But I am too cheap to pay for that service. Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments if you join in!

PS- 5 minutes til I leave work! Excited for the weekend!


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  1. Prepared, feminine, and hungry! Haha! Just kidding...


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