Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SWW 03-23-11

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I am sitting here on the floor jiggling my leg around because it's falling asleep, but not moving to any of the 4 open chairs. Sometimes I like to sit on the floor
  • I probably would not be blogging today except I cannot let this theme fail. And my husband told me I have to. He's my biggest blog fan. 
  • I took the whole day off work to go the chiropractor
  • I've eaten a bean-laden soup for 2 meals in a row. Watch out! :)
  • I'm frustrated that my blogger cursor is not moving to the next line when I hit enter. It makes a new bullet point but I'm having to click down to the next line
  • I'm now seeing how "fat" pregnant women probably feel. My blubbery belly has gotten so rotund that i feel uncomfortable. Not fun. Yay for MD appt this Friday!
  • I belted out "Sweet Caroline" in my car today
  • I have started every point this week "I" or a form of it. Selfish much?
Have a great Wednesday! Friday is only two days away!

As always, this theme brought to you by Shannon

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