Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm so excited!

So, we had planned to go to Destin for our anniversary. We were going to spend one night at a hotel near the beach, but not on the beach. We planned a fondue dinner. It was going to be really nice, but a kinda tight squeeze for our budget.

But then last night, I was sharing with mom about the hotel John booked. She said "oh, I probably had some free nights". What?!?! Well, fast forward and we were able to cancel our booking without charge, book a beautiful brand new hotel right here on the beach in our own city for only $40 with mom's points and change our restaurant reservations to our local location. Now there's less travel time, about $80 less expense for the hotel and much less gas money. That's a big help with gas prices like they are!
Just opened on the 23rd!

The view

It has a lazy river!
Dinner here!
I'm so excited!


  1. how funnnn!! your mom is so sweet to give you the points!

  2. Oh, be sure to write about how you liked melting pot! I've never been but have always wanted to go! :) Have a blessed time! :)

    Ps...Your gorgeous yourself!


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