Thursday, May 5, 2011

My thoughts lately

So at the risk of shocking everyone by NOT doing a themed post. Although I think it could easily turn into one. "Thursday Thoughts: A time for reflection" Hmmmm.

I am getting excited to try out our new church this Sunday. We went to bible study last night which is led by the Pastor of the church, and I am just really interested to see how the church service will be. The Pastor just has so much wisdom and integrity, I feel honored just to be shepherded by him. 
Despite this, I don't think I will go there alone next Sunday while John is away (don't bother to stalk my house, our dogs will kill you, or at least alert me so I can kill you with the loaded guns the hubby is leaving). I just think that it will still be too new for me to be comfortable going alone.
The only thing I am not excited about is the 40 minute drive to the church :/

I am inspired by another blog I read: Dashing Dish. I have yet to make any of her recipes, but they all sound great and she seems to have a really good perspective on health, and most of all she loves Jesus and shares about him on her blog. Last night at Bible study we were discussing how when we are not saved, the order is Soul, Body and Spirit and the soul (emotions) rule. But after being saved we are called to walk in the Spirit and to be Spirit, Soul then Body. I am thinking a lot of my overeating and poor food choices have to do with letting the flesh rule and not walking in the Spirit. 
So I am purposing yet again to be more healthy. I have been given all the tools to lose weight, and I have to choose to use them. Even with Lap-Band I can easily cheat myself out of weight loss. Once again, there are no easy answers. But I really want to slim down for myself and for my husband. I know he loves me anyway, but I don't want to be the lady who let herself go. It's so hard. I know the journey will involve a LOT of prayer- that is what I am focusing on the most. It's painfully obvious I cannot do this on my own. So I am asking for the Lord's help. Along with my doctor's, I hope to be down quite a bit by the hubby's birthday in September. I have another appointment for a fill next Thursday. The first one went well, and I wanted to go slowly, but I honestly believe I am not quite where I need to be with the fill level. I should be eating less than I can right now. I of course could eat less right now, but then I don't feel full enough to keep me from snacking and grazing.

I am on track with reading through the Bible chronologically in a year. Thank you, YouVersion Bible app. Tomorrow I finish Leviticus. At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I will be glad to be done with it. I can honestly say I am thankful that I am no longer redeemed by the blood of bulls and goats and that we are not stoned or killed for our offenses. Also sometimes at 7am it is hard to stay awake reading how each layer of the tabernacle had 50 brass do-dads and 120 gold whats-its and was 5243 cubits long. (Sarcasm my own). But I am honestly very glad to be reading through the whole Bible and will be able to say I have read each and every one of God's words. For certain. And I'm thankful for the books of the Bible that are a little more engaging to read.

I know I will probably miss John  terribly while he's away for 10 days, but there are also parts I am looking forward to. I am going to have my hair trimmed, go to at least 2 Zumba classes, hangout with my girlfriends and have a clean and uncluttered house! All without having to take that time away from the darling husband. I am sure a trip to the beach will be in order also!
And then of course there will be how my heart will be growing fonder in the absence!

I had another pregnancy scare this past week. Although they are few and far between, they are getting less scary. I apparently forgot to change my birth control. Or something. Anyway, it was missing and I don't know for how long. Thankfully I had just been for my annual appt the day before I discovered my error, so I knew I wasn't pregnant. Crisis averted. I don't mean in any way to say that a baby is a crisis or that we wouldn't love and welcome one if that is what God chose. But to us this is not an ideal time to have one. We have things we want to do and accomplish first. On the other side of the coin, I am getting more comfortable with trusting God in this. We agreed to use birth control and plan our family. But if God overrides us, so to speak, who am I to question him? I know he is in control of my life, every area. (Preachin to ma' self!) Even this one. And His word says children are a blessing and a heritage. So if he decides to choose their coming without our say-so, who are we? So we will keep doing what we've been doing and leave the rest to Him. What can I gain by worrying about it?

Of course baby bellies popping out all around me probably helps! And I can't wait til we do have one, just to get all their stuff for SUPER cheap. Let me tell you, if baby stuff resold for a profit- we could be RICH! Baby items are abundant and cheap at yard sales. You could easily get everything you need for a baby for $500. No lie. And good stuff too! Oh how I love to shop!

Well I am sure I have bored you with enough of my thoughts for now. We'll see how I'm feeling next Thursday and if this will become a theme! I'm gonna go ahead and give it a label just in case!


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  2. lol i can't wait for nieces and nephews whenever you /john/god see fit !! hugs and kisses your very long distance sister h. ps i just had to pay cash (noninsurance) for repl pack mid-cycle since i also managed to lose mine. my dr prescribes 13 packs per year for just such occasions. : )

  3. How nice! It's such a pain to keep track of and take, I gladly toss it if the risks weren't so high! Lol.
    I just hope that when we do have one, it's cause we chose and not cause I slipped up. Lol :)

  4. yes --the 2nd scenario would cause a LOT Of stress even though you're happily married and able to provide !! im surprised john doesn't "help" with the reminding since there's so much @ stake. lol. ps is maw maw going to die at this convo? it would prob not be considered very ladylike for anyone older than 33 : ) hee hee

  5. he does remind me sometimes. i honestly dont know what the heck happened or how i made such a blunder. i put it on the calendar! anyway, i guess that's the problem with the once a month thing. its so convenient and only needs attention twice a month- so i forget! lol- the reason i didnt do the pill was cause i was convinced i'd forget one and get preggo. so much for that!

  6. call me this week if you need girl talk or gossip in hubby's absence . hugs-h.


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