Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update 05-21-11

Hi all from the new blog design!!! I'm loving it so far. Although some of the text changes I applied are not showing up and Template Designer will not load for me currently. But other than that...

Here's what we did this weekend!

Thursday evening John came home!
At the airport. "Reunited and it feels so good" :)

Friday after work the hubby and I spent the afternoon taking care of business. I unpacked him while he went to Physical Therapy. Our LLC papers for the business came in, so we applied for our Tax ID online and then got a new account opened at the bank to start fresh. It felt good to be "official", especially for John.
That evening mom took me (and John) out for an early birthday dinner because she will be going to Atlanta for work and won't be here for the day. We stuffed ourselves full at a local tapas restaurant. It's a favorite of ours but mom had never been. They have the best "lamb lollipops" you have ever put in your mouth. Never have I ever had lamb so tasty. Unfortunately they discontinued their fabulous fried green tomatoes :( Then we enjoyed Baskin Robbins for dinner. I am loving their flavor of the month for may, Golden Oreo. It may sound gross but it tastes like the most delicious sweet lemon cake ever. It is RICH!

Saturday morning we went to a few yard sales. I got a top and a couple other small things. Then we enjoyed a nice nap. After that I took care of some cleaning, some craigslist listing and then we got ready to go to a wedding. I had a very nice time because I got to dance :) I love it when DH treats me to a few spins across the floor since it's one of his least favorite things to do, but one of my most :)
The happy couple in the beautiful Bel-Air getaway car

Classic bathroom pic. Post reception.

Sunday we went to church. Got to talk to a few more people. I am hopeful that in time we will get invited to lunch by one of the younger couples. But this time we met a good friend of ours for some cheap buffet pizza. So bad for you but so good and cheap! When we got home I slipped into a carb-induced coma. Once I finally recovered I worked on the blog design some. Then we had another married couple over for dinner and games. I would like to announce that I personally won all three rounds of Skip-Bo we played. There were lots of accusations of cheating and sighs of frustration all around, but I still managed to smile, a lot! Lol
Total domination times three!
Then as to be polite I waited til our guests left to gloat and terrorize John endlessly. :)
Good end to the weekend.
This coming weekend will be a 4-day one and it's my birthday!
How exciting!


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