Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SWW 05-04-11

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This Week I'm Saying So What if...
  • My main clothiers these days are yard sales and Ross. Girl is gettin outta debt yo!
  • When I think of how an outfit will look on me, I picture myself about 50 pounds lighter in my head, lol. It just happens automatically.
  • The air conditioner in my car is dying again. So much for the $70 fix. Good thing it's not too terribly hot yet.
  • One of my dreams these days is to be a (not quite extreme) couponer and take a couponing class that a local lady offers. I'm not sure why cause right now I probably do not have the time it takes to be a great couponer (no time to find all those coupons and shop five different stores and no place to store the stockpiled items) but a girl can dream :)
  • Saw a big white conversion van with a giant Transformers logo in the back window. What a nerd.
  • Don't think the word "eff" is acceptable as some new cliche. Everyone knows what it's a substitute for. Don't pretend.


  1. Visiting from SWW! I agree with the last statement! So true.

  2. Visiting back at you from SWW...and thanks for commenting even though you aren't "old" like I am jealous that you live in FL and actually know that your a/c is broke..and have you seen that Extreme Couponing show on TLC??

  3. You wouldn't be jealous when it's 95 degrees and your makeup melts on the way to church, lol!

    I have not seen the show because we don't have cable :( But I would like to!
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I wish I had the patience for couponing. I don't think I could stand planning the way extreme couponers do. And I don't get why they need 35 of something. Can't they buy just one and get the deal?

  5. You can still be a savvy couponer without going to 5 stores and cutting a ton of coupons. There are blogs out there that tell you what's on sale at your favorite store AND they'll tell you where to find the coupon (i.e. online with a link or what coupon circular to check based on week). It's so easy! I have 3 kids, hubby, full time job, and a house to take care of. I spend MAYBE 30 minutes getting ready to go to the store and I save about 40% each week. I could do better, but I'm content with that number considering the time I have to do it. Good luck!

  6. Chica- I feel ya there! I have no idea why they buy so many! Will that item not go on sale again in the next 2 years???

    Me (EZx5)- There is a blog on this for my area and I subscribe. It's just I don't understand the "code" she uses on it sometimes. And I don't get the paper. I could easily pickup a Wednesday sale paper I'm sure, but this lady also gets them from magazines, requests mailers, in-store only papers and manufacturer mailing lists. I also don't understand using them on BOGO deals. She has a class for $20 and I think I may take it someday. But right now our kitchen is so small there is literally NO storage space. So I can't stock items. But maybe I will try at least the Wednesday sale paper :)


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