Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Update 05-07-11

Hope all you wonderful mommy bloggers out there had a great Mother's Day. 

We spent the weekend just putzing around mostly. No events this weekend, which was fine with John leaving early Monday morning.

Friday we visited a CPA to get some advice on the legal/financial/tax aspects of having a small business. He was very helpful. We now have several things to tackle to get "official". It was about a 45 minute drive to his office in another small town. On the way home we stopped at several bargain stores. I got a NWT pair of jeans for $1! And finally a second bike helmet for $2. It has been hard to find a used one in good condition, but the waiting paid off. Hubby also got 2 more pairs of shorts. He surely needed them! We also stopped at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for the first time. That place is awesome! I can see how it would be a great place to get materials for projects, remodeling etc. They had some very nice things reasonably priced.

Saturday we went yard-sailing. It was pretty slim pickins, I think because of the holiday weekend. I didn't get hardly anything. Nothing worth mentioning. 
In the warm afternoon we visited a friend's pool. The water is still a bit icy this time of year. But bearable. Ernie got some swim lessons against his will :) He did better after he got used to it. But he is far from loving it.
Taking a break from swimming. Notice the lack of tail. It's curled under. Lol.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing housework, chilling, making the weekly WalMart run etc.
I picked up some flowers for my mom to send to my grandma through me. I think the arrangement turned out really nice. And I am a lot cheaper than a professional florist :)

Top view
Sunday we attended our new church. It is certainly going to be different going to one so small. It's out in the country, very small, white and has a steeple. The quintessential little white church. But everyone was friendly and I was impressed by their sincerity. Getting used to "hymn sings" will be challenging as many they sing are lesser known. But several of them have men's and women's parts, so that's kinda fun. Hopefully next time we go since it won't be a holiday we can snag someone for lunch and get to know people better.
Sunday afternoon I spend cleaning some and getting John packed for Peru. I even did quite a bit of pre-ironing. Gotta have my man representin' while he's away. :)
Sunday evening we went to my grandmother's for dinner to celebrate with her in mom's absence.
Then we just chilled :)
 This morning I saw John off on his way to Peru. I was feeling very Southern bell/Polo Ralph Lauren.
Bye honey! I'll miss you.
Side note- just had to share with you my finds to send to a friend who's expecting. I had to wait til she got them so as not to spoil the surprise!

So tiny and adorable! I die!
Wipe warmer

Ready to ship off!
Happy Monday!


  1. The arrangement looks great...I'm impressed! And I LOVE those little shoes! They're so cute!


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