Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Update 05-28-11- birthday!

Hi all-

Hope most of you are enjoying a three-day weekend and remembering those who have served and who are serving! Thank you military men and women.

This year my birthday fell on the holiday weekend. Which is very nice!

Friday we went yard-sailing. I got several things but took no pictures :) A purse, two black wrought-iron wall scones, a wrought-iron candle stand for the fireplace, a brown pashmina scarf and a white ball-cap style hat. We also went to a few thrift stores and found a few things for re-sale.
After this John surprised me by taking me to Four Winds for lunch. This is a local specialty grocery store that includes an amazing deli. I have lived in our area 20 plus years and still had never been. It was soooo delicious! I told John "I hear angels singing" as I was eating our feta dip and turkey salad sandwich. Their deli items are mostly Mediterranean. They have over 300 cheeses and free range grain fed meats. It was just to die for! Their feta dips are for sale at the Online Store and information about what all the store carries and a menu can be found here: Four Winds Online .
After we came home feeling full of goodness, we headed off to the beach for a few hours. This is one of the few times a year I can convince John to go (birthday queen rules!). The water was a bit rough but we had a nice time. Then we came home and ate sandwiches made with our feta dips and watched a movie while eating large bowls of popcorn :)

Saturday we slept in! No up early for yard saling on my birthday! I woke up to this adorable face next to me:
Sleeping angel

I had a leisurely morning making breakfast and doing a bit of tidying around the house. Then John and I hopped in the car and headed for the beach. But we took an hour detour to attend a baby shower. John graciously occupied himself with a book on a bench under a tree while I visited with the ladies and momma-to-be. Then we continued on to the beach. It was gorgeous water that day! Still quite a few waves, but the sand bar had come in almost to the shore line. So the water was shallow and clear for at least 100 feet from the shore. It was warm but not miserable and the wind was blowing.
After spending several hours at the beach we came home and cleaned the salt and sand off ourselves to head to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. The wings were yummy as usual and being with my friends is always a treat, but I may have chosen another place if I would have known it was a UFC match night. Things got pretty loud in there! Afterwards we went over to our friend's house and just talked and enjoyed ourselves.
Birthday means free chocolate cake and ice cream! It was really good

The ladies who helped me celebrate

Best person to celebrate a birthday with!
Sunday I had taken some herbal sleep aids and I was out til 11am! Then we headed over to my grandma's to have lunch with her in celebration of my birthday again! :) A distant cousin and her two granddaughters were also in town so we chatted a bit with them and then we headed to the dog park. It was a lovely afternoon and I got lots of good photos so I will try to narrow it down. The best part of the afternoon was that Ernie decided to get into the water! All on his own! He was just running up and down the shoreline chasing and barking at other dogs (as usual) when he chased another dog into the water! He even went deep enough that he had to swim a bit. After that he was running all in the water for the whole afternoon. So proud :)
Couldn't resist getting a pic of this! This owner has 3 Mastiffs! The males in front are about 240lbs each!

Ernie running

and harassing big dogs that could eat him

and finally diving in!

He's into it now!

Eby played too but was taking a break here

Ernie lives for giving wet kisses!
Sunday evening sweet hubby went a rented Tangled for me since I've hinted a few times I'd like to see it. I did enjoy it :)

...and this Monday morning off here I sit. Taking care of photographing and listing some items, blogging and fooling around. We plan to get a few more beach hours in today and then get ready for the coming week. I have loved my four days off and will be sad to go back to work. But, I need a job and I have one so for that I am thankful!


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  1. Happy Birthday -- sounds like a perfect weekend in sooo many ways!!


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