Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SWW 05-18-11

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This Week I'm Saying So What if...
  • I wore the same yoga pants to the gym like 4 times in a row. I just use them to sweat in and then peel them off again. They don't smell.
  • I'm a mani pedi snob. A lot of times when they finish I just don't think it was worth the money. The polish job I can do myself. So that's no biggie. But it's not as nice when I soak, trim, rub and scrub my own feet. So when I pay $30 for someone else to do it I expect my water to be hot, my feet to soak more than 2 minutes and for it to take longer than 20 minutes for it to all be done! (Rant much, Sarah!)
  • Clean the house for my hubby's homecoming even though he personally couldn't care
  • Sometimes I feel pretty proud of the way a meal that I cooked turned out
  • The scale has shown no change since I started going to the gym 8 days ago. (I know I know, so impatient) But I feel like *maybe* I look a little thinner. But it may just be a feeling. For now I tell myself there's no change cause I'm adding a little muscle. Yes, that's what I'll blame it on.
  • I sometimes add things to my to-do list just so I can mark them off. I like seeing what all I've accomplished.
  • I've probably enjoyed a little too much not having hardly any dishes to "do" this week. Besides the pots I've cooked in I've probably dirtied 10 items. Now I know for sure all those dirty dishes are from the DH! : )
Hubby comes home tomorrow evening! Yay!

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  1. LOL...I must also be a mani pedi snob...I mean c' some magic, right!? I am also cracking up about the adding things to the To Do list...I love doing that so I can cross things off!! (Thanks for your understanding comment on my blog about caring for the elderly...I truly appreciate it! ;) Have fun with hubby!


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