Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update 05-14-11

So what did I do with my spouse-free weekend?

Only frivilous things! It was lovely.

I spent 6 or 7 hours at the beach with my momma.

I spent the night with my mom and grandma and watched a lot of TLC and HGTV.

Mom took me out for 2 dinners, ice cream and a mani/pedi. We got matching colors on our toes and nails :)
They are an electric mango color. Does not show up as bright in this pic

I got a haircut. Just a trim but I love getting rid of dead ends!!!! And talking to my stylist :)

And I went to dinner with two of my girl friends/bridesmaids.

I also took photos of "the pack" as they played in the backyard. They are a hot mess to handle all together!

This pic makes me crack up. I do not know what on earth Graycie was doing to Ernie. But it was hilarious.
The newest cupcake. Grandma's dog Tinkerbell, or Tinker.
If you want to see the full dog album from this weekend, check here.

It was grand!!!

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