Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm too young for this

So- today this has been my friend at work:
It's a hot water bottle with a fleece monkey-patterned cozy. Another YSL find.
It's cohort is Motrin.

Why all this? Because somehow genius me strained/misaligned/jacked-up my back. Yesterday morning I was fine while getting ready. In the elevator headed to work I noticed a tightness and loss of range of motion in my lower back. The only thing I can attribute it to is that on my way into work I had all my items in one hand (maybe 15lbs) and nothing in the other. I guess I just moved wrong. I dunno. But I do know this- it sucks!

Yesterday I was pretty fine sitting, but standing fully erect and sometimes walking brought some discomfort, at times pretty intense but only lasting fleeting moments thank goodness. Not so much that I left work or anything.

I was hoping one night's rest would put everything back to rights. Wrong. (pun intended).

This morning it's down to a constant nagging soreness. The problem is that it's now constant. Even while sitting here in my desk chair for hours.

So I sit, with my heat, hoping another day or two and all will be well. If not, guess I'll have to give in and call the chiropractor. The timing of this is so coincidental. It's like an "It's been a year since your car accident that put you at the chiro for 7 months" anniversary present.

Could someone find the receipt so I can return it?


  1. aww, thanks! i just finished doing some yoga stretches. maybe that will help. good thing my cubicle is pretty quiet :)

  2. booo! so sorry you are hurting. i know back pain for sure! i'm 10 years post surgery and still feel it. hope you are better soon!

  3. Thanks Molly! I am feeling a lot better today, although I think all the sitting at work aggravates it a little. Can't believe you still have pain! What a bummer! I would so not enjoy chronic pain problems!


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