Thursday, January 13, 2011

Around the house a bit

I think you'll be seeing a lot more (maybe more than you want) photos in my posts from now on. You are taking this new photography journey with me : )

Since we were having a cozy, fireside, TV watchin', candlelit night at home, I snapped a couple pics of the decor. I recently changed the fireplace decor to this:
Re-painted frames, candlesticks are some of the 100 plus I painted for our reception. Pic taken by Carnival on our honeymoon cruise : )
Over the couch 1

Over the couch 2
Recently painted table and one of my fab Christmas gifts the hubby picked all by himself!
My fave engagement pic of us, was on our invitations. This is in our bedroom
Reading one of the manuals from the camera.
My little Rebel : )
Hope all are having a good day! I am thinking maybe this weekend I will try to take some pics during our church services (with permission) to get some more practice.

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