Monday, January 10, 2011

Kinective Time

This weekend:

I watched TV. I cleaned. I helped the hubby pack and ship this week's sales. I cooked. I went to a friend's house and played on her new Kinect and has a lot of girl talk. So much fun. And such funny pictures they make of you on Kinect. And it's a workout! We did the "Adventures" and "Dance Revolution". I am sure I looked a fool.

And then Sunday we had such a long day! Morning service til 1:45, out to lunch, stopped by Grandma's, 1 hour nap, back to church, in bed for 11. But- we went out to lunch with new people! The mommy and daddy of this sweet boy I held yesterday:

I need to catch one of him smiling! This cutie smiles CONSTANTLY. He wakes up from naps smiling. It's crazy. But man are my arms tired! He's a chunk! Hauling him in his carrier across the street from the nursery- I lit-rally was sweating. And I had to put IcyHot on my arms later. And they are still sore today. 
But I loved it!

Yay for a 3-day weekend ahead! Too bad it will include 4 church services. Not that I don't like church. We just can't use the time exactly how we would like.

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