Thursday, January 6, 2011

What low carb looks like

5 days into an (almost) carb-less world. Doing good. Down 3 lbs. 1 more pound to go to be rid of Christmas weight. It's been a carnivore fest. Eating bacon unrestrictedly has been pretty nice. I can see food boredom is definitely going to set in. But- just 40 days. Now really just 35. I can do it! Yes I can! Lol.

Something someone suggested to me that I really love- lettuce boats. Lol, nothing new to use lettuce for a bun, but I am liking those. I had romaine heart leaves layered with mayo, tomatoes, shredded cheese and slice of bacon. Yum yum. Since I had tat 2 nights in a row, today at lunch I did the same thing only I put slices of ham deli meat instead. Still really yum, and gives you some of that variety of texture that you need.

I am definitely an omnivore, but all meat all the time can be hard to do.
But- some things I can enjoy for now that I usually avoid when trying to eat healthy rather than diet:
Sharp cheddar cheese
Full-fat Hidden Valley ranch dressing
Blue Plate mayonnaise
Beef kielbasa

Usually we try for the light varieties of all these items- light dressings, condiments, turkey bacon and sausages. But not for me for now! Bring on the oils! Lol. But- I do still thoroughly drain and pat my bacon : )

One thing remains the same- nuts! Yummy roasted peanuts and almonds! Oh how I love almonds.
I was paranoid about getting the salted kind. But I found out it's almost impossible to get roasted without salted. So I bought raw ones to roast myself. But of course, I burnt them. Not to the point that they are inedible- but they don't taste as great as the should. Then low and behold, I had a revelation at Sam's. One serving of their roasted salted almonds only have 95mg of sodium. Hurray! Bring on the prepared foods! No more roasting and burning for me.

Another thing about low-carb- the first several days are certainly an adjustment. I dont drink a lot of caffiene and I try not to eat a bunch of sugar everyday- but nonetheless, I've felt pretty tired and had some headaches these last few days- mostly due to very low carb intake. Since this is the first thing your body goes to for fuel, there's bound to be some ramifications when you make it take the harder way to get fuel. Anyway, it gets better. I think mine has been compounded by not enough sleep and my back being sore.

Did I mention that while I have a 40-day meat-fest, the hubs is doing 40 days as a vegetarian? Lol, too funny!

The hubs sent me this pic of Ernie. He took them to work with him today. He took them yesterday too! Those pups are gonna be spoiled! The Boxer in him really shows in this pic.

Had to share!
It's almost Friday ya'll!

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