Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolute Resolutions

So this year as always, I resolve to lose that cumbersome poundage that sneaks its way on through the year. This year more snuk on than ever. So, I am doing a shameless "crash" diet to jump start it. I'll be eating under 20 grams of carbs each day for the first 40 days of the year. Hopefully I will make it back to my wedding weight by our first anniversary- which is fast approaching!

This year I would also like to read a self-improvement book each month. I already have 3 books going from last year, but the progress is slow. I'd like to speed it up.

Financially- I am hoping and believing we will be debt free by the end of the year. This is a big stretch as our scheduled date is the summer of 2012. But with God all things are possible. 

Our pastor gave a good sermon this past Sunday about goal-setting in 5 specific areas for the year. One was financial- which I've named above. Another is spiritually- I would like for God to make his vision for our lives clearer this year. I feel our family needs some direction and has some decisions to make.

In the area of service- I still need to decided where and how I could give more of myself.

Anyway, I am not so silly as to think all these things will come true in a year, but I can hope that they will and try my best.

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  1. You go, girl!!! May the Lord speak and guide and bless you two! :-)


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