Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What we did this weekend: 01-21-11

So folks- I am taking my phone to a friend this afternoon to be looked at and have my contact list replaced.

In other better news- we went this weekend to my dad's house in Baton Rouge for a late Christmas visit. Hard to fit in 4 sets of parents in 2 holidays :) Thankfully my dad was ok with being last :)

Poor John was not feeling well, but went along anyway. Friday we toured the city's capital and old state capitol.
 Inside the current capitol's legislature's meeting hall

Going up to the top, 27 floors. It's actually 30 floors total and is the tallest state capitol.

My dad, me and my step-mom on the top

They were filming a movie near by. HUGE green screen.

Overlooking the Mississippi from the top.

The current state capitol

In front of the old state capitol

The center of the building is a grand spiral staircase with a stained glass dome

Old state capitol from the outside

Intricate detailing

Me waiting at the end of the Huey P. Long exhibit. (Statue in background). He was a governor and then senator for the state in the 30's. His reign was quite sensational. He was assassinated in the current capitol building in the 30's.

Then Friday afternoon we got a chance to use John's Christmas present:
Taking aim at an unsuspecting Robin : ) It survived : )

My manly hubby


Watch out! I'm a pretty decent shot!

You cant tell in this pic he's starting to feel bad. He's usually not this ashen

Late Christmas

And then Saturday we did nothing. Really. John slept a lot. We watched TV. We ate. John found a love for King Cake with blueberry filling. Then I drove us home, and John slept some more.

Sunday poor hubby was so sick we stayed home from church. He watched the playoffs. That about covers it.

Hope you all had a fun, healthy weekend! The crud/cough/flu is running rampant around here! But I've yet to succumb!

John Moment: (Hope he doesn't kill me). Well there was a really funny one here. But the hubs found it and asked me to take it down. : (

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