Thursday, January 13, 2011

Camera Love

So really this post is just A LOT of pictures : ) The camera we purchased finally arrived. Already we love it. There are so very many things about photography we've yet to learn.
I've read a few tutorials, and my next objective is to read the actual instruction manual. I'd also really like to take a class, hopefully within the next year if I can find one inexpensively.

But, here are some of our first shots:

We took shots of each other sitting on the couch :) I like how it blurs the background

Silly hubby

Is he not just adorable?

"Ahem, I'm sleeping here"

My emotional side :)

Not quite as easy to do self-portraits with this one. No, I did not cut my hair. It's back there :)

Fast enough to catch lip-licking!

Begging for a treat

I don't even know what emotion this is conveying : )

Dog you will look at me so I can take your picture!

"Please mom, no more!"

Couch cuddlin with my adorable men


Smoochin before bed

Trying action shots

She was excited cause I just got home and we were about to go out to potty

"Love me, love me, say that you love me" (sing with me)
So of course our first ones were off our fave subjects- the dogs.
We also spent the night watching this:
My sweet husband moved Little House on the Prairie up our Netflix que just for me! I loved this show- not hokey, clean, decent plot lines, and of course heart-warming. At first he did it to give me a "chick-flick". But, let me tell you who is now awaiting the next disc too... :) We are starting all the way from the beginning of the series.

We also ate some of this:
Hubby thought I was weird, but I was dying to try a "food shot" I think it came out well
And we were also sitting in front of this, cause it's stinkin' cold here!!!!
Next, I'll show you around my house a tad. Happy almost long weekend!


Feel free to show some love and ask questions!