Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 12

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Today I'm going to share another "big" moment.

The moment John proposed.

I knew it was coming. We'd been looking at rings online. I also knew John wanted it to be a surprise.
We were headed to Tampa for me to meet his mom and sister for the first time. I'd only met his dad and other sister once before. It had been almost one year since we met. We were actually headed out on another cruise with the same group, but went a few days early to spend time with his family before driving to the Tampa cruise terminal. We had a lot planned. I knew he was taking me on a boat on Crystal River. We'd spent the night before wit his two sisters and dad. Later that day I was scheduled to meet his mom.

So, that morning we went out on the boat. I was pretty impressed that John wasn't afraid to rent a boat and just go! It was an overcast day, but nice. He took me to the Three Sisters Springs where we anchored the boat and hopped in the chilly water. Through a lagoon type area and then suddenly the water is crystal clear. We explored a bit and swam. Drove the boat around. Relaxed.

Then we drove about an hour to his mom's house, but no one was there. They'd gone out to do a 5K and run errands. John was rushing me to change and hurry up so we could go to lunch. He kept mentioning I could wear this white sundress if I wanted. I told him I wanted to save it for our planned dinner that night.

He finally got me in the car. Then we were driving around. It didn't look like we were headed towards civilization and a restaurant and I was hungry and perturbed! He kept saying he was looking for this park his mom wanted him to look at for her real quick to see if she could hold a part there or something. Don't know why I believed him. Finally we found it.

We got out, and there was a lookout tower. John is afraid of heights. He suggested we go up and I was like "But you're afraid of heights." He said he'd be ok. We were standing on the platform just looking, not talking much. He was acting weird. I think then it kinda started to sink in. But there were some kids running up and down the tower, laughing, throwing shoes down and such.
View from the tower

John looks ill because he's so nervous!

John saw a long walkout over the marsh and suggested we go there. By then I had a pretty good clue what was going on and so I obliged. But some people followed us out there. We stood and waited for them to go away, still not talking much. Finally they left. And finally- John asked me if I would go to lunch with his fiance. And then quickly popped to his knee (he'd forgotten!) I of course said yes! and we hugged. Then he took me back to the car where he had hidden a picnic lunch his mom made. It started to rain so we setup our lunch in a pavilion. It was so sweet.

Then we went back to his mom's house and I met his mom for the first time, as her future daughter-in-law. Guess she really hoped she'd like me since John had already asked me into the family! Lol.
We went out for Brazilian BBQ that night with immediate and extended family. Then his sister threw us a little engagement dessert party! It was a great day!

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