Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 5

Linkup at The Nester blog
A highlight reel of John Moments that make me smile:

*When John compliments my cooking, especially in front of others
*When John really connects with the group we're in and talks, rather than hanging back
*When John give me his REAL smile {favorite}
*When John loves on Sophia
*When John sneaks in a quick bum squeeze
*When John unexpectedly completes a home repair project
*When John shares his feelings with me, rather than just a list of facts or events
*When John cleans for me without being asked
*When John cries (very rare)
*When John hurts himself (in that minor sick way that is funny to me)
*When John cuddles really tight
*When John lifts his hands in worship
*When John does Bible study and prayer with me, and prays/blesses me and Sophia
*When John is having a good time doing "guy" stuff with his friends
*When John surprises me with a flower or cards
*When John holds my hand

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