Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 24

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Today I was touched at a simple John Moment, not at all uncommon in our house, but worth sharing.

John was talking to Sophia and saying "I'm going to put you in your chair, and I'm going to feed you, because I love you. 

It's so sweet to hear John tell Sophia he loves her. I'm so glad he's so happy with his baby girl. I know not all dads are as involved with their kids as they should be, and that makes me sad. For both parties. And no, John's not a total Mr. Mom. That's ok, cause God designed him to be a dad.

Sometimes I worry about if he'll be able to give Sophia all the things she needs to grow into a healthy, well adjusted, well rounded, emotionally secure woman. I worry the same things about myself.

But my worries are eased each time I hear him say "I love you baby girl" and each time I see him down on his hands and knees to play with her. 

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