Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 15


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So tonight I'm reminded of the John Moments when John pulls out his guitar and makes up songs. When John sings acapella his songs are usually weird, silly, or crude. But when he plays his guitar and sings, the songs are usually soulful. I think this is because of his love of minor chords, and the fact that he doesn't know all that many.

But, the songs are so sweet. I liked it when he played for me, but now that Sophia is here I enjoy him playing for her even more. A couple times as a newborn he would play for her to get her to sleep. It makes my heart smile to see father/daughter bonding moments.

He's also about to start taking lessons so maybe one day he'll know sings I can sing along to!
I have this dream that we sit by a bonfire and sing and play worship songs. Or that maybe next year for our church camp we'll be good enough to sing and play together.

Who knows?

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