Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 20

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Sometimes John moments happen all day long.

Like today. John sings often. Made up songs of his own concotion.

Today- I think he sang about 50% of the time I was near him.  Almost all the way to church, and some on the way home. In between Sunday School and Sunday service. I think the only times he was not singing he was watching UFC or LHOP with me.

He thinks his songs are wonderful and expects to be told so. Much in the way a kid says "Look mom look mom look mom are you looking look watch this". The subject matter is so varied and bizarre that I try and a lot of times succeed at tuning it out. Albeit, sometimes he is saying nice things about me. But it all gets lumped in together and I tune that out too. He is pretty offended that I ignore it. But could you make yourself enjoy and applaud ballads about stinky farts, girls dressed inappropriately, sweaty balls, diarrhea and the like?

I tell myself that it will be good training for when I have small kids constantly wanting attention. But it's also hard to extend the same grace to your adult husband that you do to your kids. I expect a bit more from him, and I don't think that's abnormal.

Honey, I am glad you enjoy singing so much. But please don't be upset that I'm not hanging on your every word. Mmkay?

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