Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 25

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Tonight John and I went to a hockey game, and about half way through he started letting me move his arms for him in the victory dance at goal time. Then at the end he even got up and danced with me.
I love it when we get to feel like "kids" again.
Being there made me think of when we went to another hockey game, just about a month before we got married. It was a sweet time in life. John was really excited about getting married and so was I. It was probably also a stressful time, but I blocked that out :)
I wore John's baseball hat (he loves me in ball caps), and I remember him saying to me- "That's right folks, she's mine in just a month."
And probably other inappropriate things that made me giggle.
It was a great moment then and a sweet moment now.

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