Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 30

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Today I'm going to share a funny- the moments John hurts himself.

I think I've mentioned before that I have this sick problem of laughing when people get hurt, particularly falling. Now if the injury is truly serious, I don't laugh. But if it's minor and due to being uncoordinated or just dumb (un)luck, then I'm liable to bust a gut.

I can especially remember an injury when we were dating. We were at the church parking lot, headed to my car. John somehow managed to connect his toe to a parking beam. He banged it pretty bad. He was even bleeding a little (tiny) bit. But oh my, you would have thought it was amputated. I think he even got a little woozy at the sight of it.

I was about to choke from trying to stifle my laugh. It was a futile effort anyway. I just started laighing hysterically. I'm not sure if that's how John first learned about my sadistic tendency. I think it might have been. He was taken aback, but was a good sport about it.

Now, a few times since then, when he has hurt himself, if it's really painful he'll grunt out "don't laugh" as he's hyperventilating. A few times I've really had to work hard not to.

And he also jokes around that if he needs to get a laugh out of me, he just needs to hurt himself. For a chuckle, just trip, for a belly laugh, draw blood. Often when he makes one of his corny jokes and I don't laugh, he'll say, "Oh I'm sorry, I know I didn't hurt myself so it wasn't funny. I'm not gonna hurt myself though, I wouldn't want you to pee your pants." It's pretty funny.

And I smiled writing this whole post.

Hi my name is Sarah and I laugh when people get hurt.

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