Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 1

So, a couple of the blogs I follow posted that they're doing this 31 day challenge. At first I was like "What? It isn't November yet!". Because of course that's the popular time to do 30 days of thanksgiving.

Anyway, even though I have never read the blog that hosts this linkup, I decided I'd join. See if I can really commit to daily blogging for a month.

I should have a little more room in my social media addictions since I removed the Facebook app from my phone today. I just felt a tugging to do it. To be more present with my family and whomever I'm in the company of rather than have my face lit up by the glow of my phone screen far too often.

Plus I still have my blogreader app to give me my electronic suntan.

But I digress. Next was to pick a topic. Apparently there's no theme for that. Pick whatever you want.

So I decided to blog about my husband for 31 days. I think it's very fitting since I just spilled my guts about my struggle to keep him first. (Well, second really) But first of all those who aren't fully God and fully man.

So I bring you:

Linkup at The Nester blog
So I'll start with moment we met.

It was late summer of 2008. I'd moved back home just a few months before. I'd finished college and done one travel nursing assignment. It was good to be home and be involved.

I was on a cruise with my college and career group from church. A tropical storm had changed one of our port destinations. Instead of Cancun, we went to Progreso. Which is not at all progressive, don't let the name fool you. There was precious little to do, especially for a group of 20+ young adults.

But we did see some mopeds for rent. Someone suggested finding our way to the ruins could be fun.
But I have no idea how to drive a moped. And there were only like 9 of them. For 20 people. People started teaming up. But there was this guy without a rider. I knew he was friends with someone I already knew, although I didn't really know him. But with the alternative being a golf cart for transport, I quickly made an acquaintance. It went something like "Hi, can I ride with you? I'm Sarah". (I'm John). And then all the obligatory small talk. Then we all got on the highway. Then John's helmet flew off. Then we lost our group. Then we found 2 friends. Then we found ruins, an English speaking hotel and wild flamingos. It was quite the day.

By the end of it, I was sure I'd made a friend. John was pretty sure my name was Sarah. I was pleased that even though he and 2 of his friends got stuck with a girl for the day, they didn't seem to mind. I was pleased that he was polite and flexible. I was pleased that what could have been a total disaster turned out to be really fun.

So that's the moment we met. And since we were on vacation, there's also a photo of it!

Oh to be in that time of life again. It was fun! (Now is too though)

Love you Papa Bear!

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  1. I love the story of how you met your hubby and I love that you decided to write about him for 31 days!


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