Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 3

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Day 3, the night John told me he was going to marry me.

You may think this was months into our relationship. You're wrong. See, how we roll up in here is we don't date around for no reason except a good time. Thank you to my youth pastor for that.

Let's see. We met in early September, John asked me to lead a small group Bible study with him sometime around the first of the year, and by late April he'd told me I was marriage potential.

I remember the night really well. Prior to this I'd already freaked out once because I thought he had feelings for me and I wasn't sure I returned them. Apparently he'd had the same freakout when I bought him almost an entire new wardrobe (all thrifted, mind you, and totaling about $75).

But, that night we'd had our small group get together for dinner and a movie, The Princess Bride. I couldn't believe John had never seen it! It's only the most awesomely quotable movie ever! More than that, I couldn't believe that once we started watching, he didn't like it! What the heck? Anyway, he went out on the back porch and after awhile I went out to check on him. I don't remember how the conversation started, or if we talked about anything else first. I think it was clear to me that it was a pretty serious mood. Anyway, I know that eventually he told me that he wanted to ask me out, and that he wouldn't do that unless he would seriously considering marrying me. We talked about our reservations towards each other (we each had a major one), but in the end decided to explore if it was something we could work through and compromise on. In fact it's still something we have to work on compromising about!

So at the end of the night I'd agreed to be asked out :) But then it took about a week before we actual had plans for a date! Man it was a long week!

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  1. So why the hesitation towards one another?? Don't leave us in suspense! ;)


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