Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Days of John Moments: Day 26

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So my John Moments have kind of deteriorated into a "this is what John did today that makes me smile" theme, but at 10pm+ when I sit down to write, I think we've about covered all the really big moments I can think of.

Today, actually probably is a REALLY big moment. Today, a year and about 4 months since we finished our tile floor, JOHN FINISHED LAYING THE SHOE MOLDING (or "quarter round")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is part of the "I like it when John does home repair projects" I mentioned here.

This has been a constant nagging at the back of my mind since the floors were laid.

Now John is caulking the trim. And after that it really needs painting. But I'm happy just to have the primed wood strips down!

If I could have someone else come and caulk and paint my baseboards, repaint all my wood trim, cabinets and doors with latex paint and fix all our dresser drawers, I would be one happy lady. If they could make it all happen in one day I'd feel like I'm in a dream!
Side note: never use oil based paint in white- it yellows super quick.

OH- and did I mention- ALL THE TRIM IS LAID!!!!!!

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